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Several outlets are reporting that police in Texas pulled over a woman who had four young children in her car.  They instructed her to exit the vehicle, then placed her under arrest without warning, at gunpoint.

The officers were searching for a beige or tan Toyota with four black males after authorities were alerted a gun was pointed out of the window.

Police pulled over a burgundy red Nissan Maxima driven by Kametra Barbour's on Aug. 9 that was spotted in the same area as the other car, the station [WFAA] reported.

You'll note immediately that "beige or tan Toyota with four black males" does not precisely match "burgundy red Nissan Maxima" with a woman & small children.  Yet the arresting officer insisted to Barbour that they were looking for a car that matched the description of hers.  He even said that the license plate matched.

Also, the driver is easily identified as female:  in the dashcam video, it is obvious that she is wearing a skirt.  It is unclear how the police overlooked that fact.

Most horrifyingly, Barbour's six-year-old son exited the car, walking toward the police with his hands above his head:

In the wake of the Michael Brown killing, the image is mortifying.

Only after the children were observed as actually existing instead of being something the woman was making up on the spot did the authorities try to explain the ostensible situation.

That family--those children--will never forget that situation.

Originally posted to novapsyche on Sun Aug 24, 2014 at 01:45 PM PDT.

Also republished by Barriers and Bridges.

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