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(Point of contention with the title/socially-acceptable phrase of yesteryear:  what the fuck, exactly, is "driven snow"? Is that snow that's been plowed from the highway into a snowbank of indeterminable size?)

So let me tell you a little something about myself. No, it has nothing to do with orange feet, so try not to panic:

Politically-speaking, I am a Democratic Socialist, which generally means that I want the health and welfare of all to be provided for by the United States government, but I tend to vote Democratic because we don't got no fucking national Socialists in our government. (Bernie Sanders only does not count because I don't live in Vermont and could subsequently never vote for him, which is the same reason I am also not counting that kickass chick in Seattle who's on the city council or somesuch.) My motto is "I just want everybody to be OK, including Republicans and assholes". I am against anything that impedes and seeks to repress growth, on personal, local, regional, state, and national levels.

If you ever met me (and a few of you have), you'd probably realize that I'm very kind and genial, and I'm one of those annoying folks who chats up the bus driver because I truly want to know how his day has been. I do my level best not to take a bad day or a bad moment out on other people, and I normally apologize when I do; it's not really that hard if you are even minimally self-aware. I am a big fan of attracting flies with honey rather than with vinegar, and I often use that adage in my everyday vocabulary. I try to give more than take, I like to help people out personally and professionally, and I truly think that you should leave a situation in better shape than it was before you came along.

That is my "pure as the driven snow" cred. I think it's a pretty reliable barometer, and I have references to back it up if you need the "scientific" (humanistic?) evidence to prove any of what I just wrote. As a matter of fact, I can even set you up with a friend who gets annoyed as fuck with me because I ask her "how are you doing?" apparently way too much. And then I apologize for asking her that, and she gets doubly annoyed.

People are weird.

Yeah. That being said, I also don't pretend to be anything other than a raging, disgusting, dirty fucking hippie, because that's what I am and that's how I'd prefer you to think of me, quite frankly.

Jesus was a hippie too, you know.

And, just like he did, perhaps you should take the piece of wood out of your own eye so you may see more clearly.

When it comes to Dkos meta and pie fights, I am not even remotely objective. I see things through my raging, disgusting, dirty fucking hippie lens and I make no bones about that. There is no possible way for me to be objective about this kinda stuff, because Democratic initiatives are far more important to me then the people involved in undertaking said initiatives, and fighting for the underdog is what I live for, no holds barred. Full stop.

I yield no special connection to the Democratic Party, other then to get figureheads elected when they espouse the very values and morals I hold dear. And, let me tell you wut, if they lie about said values and morals in order to get elected and then don't follow through, I am right there with the goddamned bullhorn to remind them of why they even have a job in the first place.

Quid pro quo, bitch. I'll help elect you if you help my daughter by not passing legislation that's going to impede her future movements and hurt her upcoming adult life in any way, shape, or form. And if you do not help my daughter out, I will go all Mama Bear on your ass and tell you to suck it. (I'll probably say a lot more to you then that, but that's the general gist.)

So when I saw this, I knew that the diarist had no interest at all in being objective. It is not us, the ones who fight with each other over perceived differences, to be making this decision. It should be someone impartial and indifferent to the outcome, but neither of us should be casting aspersions. For as many insults as you can muster, raptavio, please note that I can lob just as many back at you.

Because neither of us is impartial. Fucking duh!

I'm out. Contact me if you have something important and note-worthy to say.

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